He placed the dagger in her hands to hurt me
I felt my neck being strangled as they interlocked hands
As he traced his fingers through her body, he used a knife to slit me open
As they kissed passionately, my thoughts drifted to the kiss of death he placed on me
Her world was consumed with laughter as  mine was filled with an ocean of tears
The more more she glowed, the paler I got.
I cried for Cupids intervention but he didn’t want to know
She was all he could see while I quickly disappeared
He chose to make her happy and not me

That’s That Stuff I Don’t Like


Hi guys, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted something on here. I have been thinking about my blog for a month now but didn’t know what to write. I feel like I have lost my mojo lol. So to ease me back into my usual blogging self, I thought I’d do this tag that has been circulating around YouTube called ‘That’s that stuff I don’t like’ or ‘That’s that ish I don’t like’. So let’s go…


I can’t stand being on the same bus as Secondary School and College kids. The noise is so annoying and the conversation is even more annoying. If I can hear you scream while I have my Beats headphones on then you need to shut the hell up because you’re loud. With that said, I would like to apologise to all those who I annoyed on the bus as a school child because I know that I was louder than a police siren on the bus.


I can’t stand too much of Public Display of Affection. If I’m on the train, the last thing I need to see is two people ripping their faces off with kisses right in front of me. Are you so insecure in your relationship that you need to prove to the whole world that you are so madly in love? That sort of behaviour should be illegal…No jokes. Just stick to holding hands and staring into each others eyes next time. This also applies to those on Facebook; I don’t need to see your wall posts (e.g.  I love you @so and so) on my news feed every day. Stick to text messages, Whatsapp, BBM, Skype or whatever other means of conversation there is out there. Now that’s that stuff I don’t like.


There are lots of things on Facebook that I don’t like but I really don’t like it when people take statuses too serious. There are people who assume that every status applies to them. If the shoes fit then wear it, shut up and move on. And if you feel so highly offended about it then just unfried the individual whose posts offends you, it saves you from getting a heart attack every time you see a status from that certain individual. That’s that ish I don’t like.


I buy some tasty chocolate bar and keep it in my room. I go to work the next day and finish from work feeling hungry, but I know I have something to munch in my room. I get home and head straight to my desk and find an EMPTY package that used to hold my chocolate. Believing that I am dreaming I start to search for this chocolate bar in awkward places such as inside my boot and under my bed. I’m hoping that the chocolate is playing tricks on me and is playing hide and seek but in reality I know that my little brother Samson has helped himself to that chocolate bar and left the package there for me to do who knows what with it. My belly grumbles and there’s no food in the house. THAT’S THAT STUFF I DON’T LIKE AAAARRRRGHHH


You are a guy and you see me walking down the road with my headphones on. And yet you still have the effrontery to stop me, interrupt my music, expect me to take my headphones off and engage in a stupid conversation with you. It should have occurred that the moment you smiled at me and I did not smile back, you should have walked on and cut your losses so don’t be surprised or offended that I unleashed the beast in me on you. Now that’s that ish I don’t like.

Taee is Loved Up



Last month, I wrote a poem for the Buni Poetry Night…My poem is probably not as good and poetic as other people but it is really special to me because it was written about a special person…***Your girl Taee is loved up y’all***…Anyways I decided to use the classic ‘Roses are red’ poem as a stimulus because I believe that there’s a lot of innocence attached to the ‘Roses are red’ poem…I don’t know if I’m making any sense but I guess when you’re loved up like moi (hehehehehe) you just ramble on and you never know how to interpret what your heart feels. I hope y’all enjoy the poem and my favourite love songs. xoxo


If roses are red

And violet are blue

It certainly means that my love is true

I’ll cherish the moments spent with you

As you will always be my boo

Even when it’s just us two

Every day is something new

I look forward to the day I say I do

I’ll finish this poem with ‘I LOVE YOU’



Wig Disaster

Gosh it has been a month since I last posted my blog…I don’t know whats wrong with me these days lol. Anyways im currently procrastinating and I decided to blog a little something on here.

If you have been following my blogs or we are close friends, you will know that I have been wearing lace wigs for about a year. I had planned to go out and celebrate my 21st birthday 2 days earlier than the date and I ended up in subzero. Prior to that I had ordered my most expensive wig which cost me over 200 dollars and was ready to rock it on my night out. I received the wig that week but realised I had ordered the full lace wig rather than the front lace wig..this was a disaster because the full lace wig has NO clips or combs and the only way I could secure it is by gluing the wig to my hair which I wasnt prepared to do.

On the day I celebrated my birthday, I decided to use this hair band thing to tie the wig to my hair to secure it..a few hours and drinks later, I don’t know what I was doing but some song came on and I started dropping down low and ended up finding difficulty in bringing myself back up to my feet…as I got help up my beloved wig flew off my head…AAAAARRRGGGHHH…It didnt matter to me at that point in time cos I was out of it but when I woke up the next day with a hangover, I remembered what happened and wanted to cry to myself LooL

I used to have pride knowing that I didn’t have any embarrassing hair story but now I can add this to my list 😦

Reasons Why I Hate Nigerian (Yoruba) Parties

Hi all…Basically I attended this Nigerian party a little over a month ago and before I went I was so excited because the last time I attended one was in 2005. However, the perfect night which I had carefully dreamt of was in reality the most dreadful night ever.

1.       The moment you enter that party, you get other Nigerian women giving you dirty looks for no apparent reason. At first you feel like maybe you have some bogey stuck up your nose but then you realise that you probably look so hot that it bothers them.


2.       Old men eye you up and stare at your behind. Why can’t these married men be satisfied with their wives and children and leave us young babes for the young single men??


3.       Bunch of show offs. They want to show off their hair, jewellery money, dance moves. What happened to parties being a place where we could all celebrate together and enjoy each other company? Seems like a petty competition.


4.       The older aunties like to send us young ones around like slaves to get them drinks and food. They know how to use those two legs of theirs to shake their butts but can’t use the same legs to get their own food…mtcheeew.


5.       Nigerians don’t know how to queue up for the buffet food. They jump in line, push whoever is in the way and makes sure the person serving serves them before anyone else. I swear I could’ve stabbed one of those women with my heels if I wasn’t such a lady.


6.       Dress code: paying 30 pounds for the clothes material that probably cost 10/15 pounds…and everyone end up wearing the same uniforms…do I look like I’m in school??


7.       Drama!!! Drama!!! Drama!!! This aunty is quarrelling with that aunty because she said this and that about that one even though it was probably not true because another aunty was the one spreading the lies to corrupt the first two aunties friendship and another aunty decides to stab the third aunty in the back and spill the beans when the first two aunties have already cursed themselves to death and sworn never to talk to one another again. Are you confused yet?


8.       We are celebrating a child’s birthday and yet it looks like it’s an adult party because all the children have been sent home. Who is the one year old celebrant??…the child or the parents?


9.       Make Up…OMG…Am I at a circus?? The drawn eyebrows, the over sized blusher that clearly doesn’t match your skin tone. I know I have had a few make up disaster but per-leeze…have these women heard of a fringin’ mirror? C’mon!!!!!


10.   Why is it that 90 per cent of these women are lighter than my teeth? Lay off the bleach please and be happy of the way God created you. It’s so obvious you bleached because your elbow is blacker than my hair…not a good look thanks.

Conclusion: I shall not be going to a Nigerian Party any time soon…it was a disaster and I was so bored I wanted to shoot myself.

I Just Don’t Love You Anymore



In Love

And with a click of a finger


Something has changed

I’m treated differently

I don’t matter anymore

Is everything ok?

No matter what your response is,

I know things are not ‘ok’

Far from it

A dark cloud has overshadowed us

The ray of sunshine that once smiled upon us has left

I’m left with my inner demon torturing me

You’re not wanted

Not needed

You stupid little girl

You can’t keep the ones you cherish

You push push push

Till you’ve pushed them away

How can I fight back when I know this voice is right?

When I know that you look at me differently

Suddenly I’m left in a vulnerable open space

The public stare as the tears soak my face

No matter how much I fight those tears back,

It manages to burst through and engulf me.

I can’t read you and I don’t know what you want

I read the signals you throw at me but I choose to ignore them

Do you really want to go?

You don’t love me the way you did before?

My love is not forced

You certainly have the choice

Oh how I wish you just tell me that we are forever

Suddenly the vision of you and me in five years time is now a blur

And I prepare myself to hear you say

I Just Don’t Love You Anymore

Lightening Don’t Strike The Same Place Twice

Hey its been two months since I last posted. I’m so sorry, this little miss has been very busy loool.

Sometimes we say goodbye to the ones with love even though we know that we still love them. I wouldn’t want to wake up one day to find out that the one I love has left my life for good because lightening certainly doesn’t strike the same place twice. Sometimes we need to swallow our pride and look at how our actions affect the ones we love or else they will be gone in a flash.